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How to Guarantee You Get the Cheapest Quote


Getting the cheapest yet most effective quote to moving your furniture to a new house is challenging yet very rewarding. Here are a few pointers in finding the cheapest furniture removal quote:

Pick the right furniture removalist

This is a very essential step, which will not only benefit you with a cheaper quote, but also avoiding any costly mistakes. According to the Australian Furniture Removers Association or AFRA, a good removalist knows how to minimise any risk of damages to your property and take every possible precaution.

A good practice is to not immediately pick a huge removalist company that is heavily advertised. Their costs are usually expensive due to their need to fund the company’s advertisements. The same applies to signing up to a removalist company who are incredibly cheap, but offers really poor service.

Instead, read and listen to the reviews of the company’s previous customers who are not biased when they give praise to the company. Customer reviews for the company can be seen on numerous directory websites which can be easily visited any time.

Once you have made a list of at least four removalists to choose from, visit their website to check if you can request a quote from them without any charge. This will allow you to closely compare the companies’ quotes and what you are paying them for.

Pick the services you are going to need

Most removalists have a variety of services they can do for you. They can offer to reconnect your electricity, water, gas, telephone and other services to your new address. They can even offer to do the cleaning of your new home or office.

Having your removalists reconnect your electricity, water, gas and telephone will add to the quote charges which you can simply do it yourself. If the removalists offer the service for free, this service may potentially save you the effort and cost of calling the utility companies to reconnect everything to your new home or office. However, not all companies offer this service.

Cleaning your new house, apartment or office space on your own can save you money instead of having the removalists clean it for you. You can choose to have the removalists clean your new address if their cleaning service has no charge.

Going back to the steps of comparing the quotes of removalists, do not pick a quote which offers free services right away. Those who offer the free services may actually have a much more expensive quote as compared to other removalists.

Look for discounts

Once you have chosen a handful of removalists, check their website or call them about any discount they might be offering. Most companies will charge less when they work during Mondays to Fridays and would charge more during Saturday and Sunday. This would mean that your moving schedule should be within the working week.  If you are calling them to get a quote, ask them if there is any room for negotiations to lower the quote if possible.

Remember that what you pay for is what you get. Good research and some elbow grease may mean the difference between an expensive and a cheap quote.

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