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How to Make Cheap International Calls


Whether you’re traveling abroad on holiday or looking to relocate on a more permanent basis, securing cheap international calls is sure to be near the top of your list of priorities. Here are some of the ways in which you can reduce the cost of calling oversees.

International calling cards

Available from a variety of different locations (including newsagents and mobile phone stores) across the world, international calling cards offer reduced rates for minimal hassle.

 ‘Override’ providers

An ‘override’ provider is one that offers cheap international calls using your existing telephone. Before calling your desired recipient, you enter a telephone number that overrides the system and charges you an alternative rate. These rates – which can be obtained on a pay-per-call basis or on a monthly contract – are generally lower than standard calls. A variety of different suppliers are available covering different countries across the world.

Local number service

A number of companies are emerging that can offer a local number in a variety of locations across the globe. The likes of Local03 offer a monthly contract that allows for cheap international calls to a designated number, which are charged at local rates.

Local SIM card

For cheaper mobile telephone calls when abroad, seek out a local SIM card. Although your basic SIM card won’t offer you the best of call plans, it will reduce the cost of calling family and friends on vacation with you. This means you can each go about your own business without having to worry about the cost of calling each other to arrange a meeting time.

Note: if you’re planning on using this method, ensure your handset has been ‘unlocked’ so that it can use SIM cards from other carriers.

PC to PC calls

More an advantage for those relocating on a permanent basis than tourists enjoying a vacation, PC to PC calls (or internet calls) are often free. However, this only works if both callers have access to a computer at the same time. Programs like Skype also offer internet to mobile/landline calls, but these can be expensive.

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