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How to Optimise the Space in Your Home


If you have a small home or a small room, then you would want to know what to do with it to maximise your space and make it look larger. Also, if you have not bought a house yet, then consider your plans for the property before you purchase it; if you are investing, then make sure you are able to afford it. You should contact a real estate agent so you can visit the property you are thinking about buying. Visit it more than once to ensure you know your plans. Here are some interior design tips to help make your space look larger. For home space management, you can visit casaindecor.com.

Get rid of clutter

Getting rid of clutter is something you need to do before you do anything else with your space. It is difficult to maximise your space when you have too much stuff lying around. You need to put away anything you want to keep and get rid of anything that you do not want or need. Remember to be ruthless!


Put mirrors wherever you can, although, do not make your home look like a house of mirrors. Place the mirrors tactically. By including mirrors around your home you are making the room look larger because they add extra light.

Natural light

Do not cover your windows with curtains or blinds during the day. The more natural light you have, the larger your room will look. Natural light works well with mirrors because the natural light reflects of the mirrors and creates more light for the room.

Light and neutral colours

When decorating your home, stick with light and neutral colours, for example, white and beige. Neutral colours make the room look bigger. Also, by decorating your home with these colours, it makes it easier to choose furniture because white and beige goes with most colours.

Multifunctional furniture

Furniture, such as an Ottoman, can be classed as a multifunctional piece of furniture because it can be used as storage, seating and even a table. Multifunctional furniture creates more room because you are getting more than one use out of it.

Remove doors

You do not have to remove all the doors in your home. You can possibly remove doors that connect the dining room and the kitchen or the living room and the dining room. By doing this, you are creating a more open plan house which make it look larger. This will create a positive effect.

If you want to do something with your home or room, then follow some of these tips to optimise the space you have and make your home or room look larger. Interior designing is one of the smart property investment strategies when you buy a house and redecorate before you sell it, then you have a better chance of making a profit on it  because the value of the house will rise. Also, more people will be attracted to the property. But if you are thinking about interior designing as a good way to make a profit from a property investment, then make sure it is in your budget; if you do not consider your financial situation, then you could end up spending more than you are going to get back. Do not forget this process takes time.

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