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Health Care Through a Smartphone


Imagine going to a doctor for a medical visit, but realizing your insurance card is not with you. What would make it worse is the distance you have to travel from your house down to the doctor’s office (let’s say it’s quite far). This is a common inconvenience experienced by people in rural states. Patients have to go the distance just to see a doctor or specialists, and at times they tend to forget to bring important insurance cards and papers. To learn more about how the increased usage of cell phones in hospitals simplifies patient care, visit this website: https://divyashakthysofttech.com/

This inconvenience led to the development of a smartphone application that lets doctors, nurses, and other related health care professionals access health insurance data of their respective patients via a secure Internet connection. Health insurer United Health Group developed the app. So what is this app?

All About the Health4Me App

Developers called the app Health4Me. It is a telehealth application designed for smartphones (those that operate on a Windows based system), Android phones, and iPhones. The app is designed to save time for both patients and health care professionals and also to improve health care access in rural states.

The Future for Health and Mobile Phones

According to studies, 40% of doctors believe mobile health (health services given or facilitated through mobile phones) can significantly reduce the number of clinic visits. An estimated 78% of clients are interested in mobile health, although they are expressing concerns about the safety of patient data and records when mobile phones are used. For additional information about the future development of health technology, visit this website: https://newstable.org/

Apps Worth Downloading for

Despite the worries, mobile health is expected to become a trend next year. This means by 2013, most people will be accessing their health information through the net via their mobile phones instead of their PCs. Physicians serve to be the primary driving force of this type of technology, with over 80 of doctors using mobile health apps themselves. Who wouldn’t be attracted to use such apps, when most of the apps debuting in the market are on the cutting edge? Epocrates Rx is examples of an app that can help doctors make informed decisions about patient care.

It saves time and effort. Another cutting edge app is Pepid, a reference tool that can help improve care directly at the bedside. Allscripts Remote allows health care professionals to access and control AllScripts Electronic Health Record anytime, anywhere. Allowing physicians and health care professionals to make necessary decisions even if they are not in the clinic or on hospital premises. Medscape Mobile/WebMD updates physicians with the latest medical news covering 34 specialty areas. It also includes business news significant for physicians. Under this app, users, (health care professionals or the general public) can check contraindications, side effects and interactions between drugs, supplements and herbs. For further details about modern technologies, visit this dedicated website: https://www.thetwincoach.com/.

What Consumers Think?

The apps are developed as a response to the need from the consumers. In the state of Wyoming for example, a survey reveals that consumers in that state want to see a change in the way health care is delivered. Consumers perceive mobile health as a way for them to achieve health goals, find physicians and other health care providers, get an ID, and check insurance status or claims.

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