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How Playing Trivia Will Improve Your Life


Do you enjoy a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit? Do you love to sit in front of your computer taking online trivia quizzes? You’re getting a mental workout better than any other! Just like you need to stay physically active in order to keep a healthy body, you also need to regularly break a mental sweat in order to stay sharp and smart. Want to know how playing trivia will have a positive impact on numerous aspects of your life? Keep reading!

1. It Can Help with Your Career

Don’t underestimate the variety of trivia quizzes out there: There is something for everyone. Are you a history teacher? A painter? A dancer? A businessperson? Hop on Google; find a trivia quiz pertaining to your own specific career, and answer away. There are interesting little tidbits that you may have not learned from your textbooks, and they’ll certainly make you one of the more knowledgeable (and interesting) employees in the office.

This is also a great habit to acquire prior to job interviews, if you’re on the hunt for a new place of employment. Want to stand out from the other applicants in front of your potential future boss? Offer up an interesting and unique fact or statistic. He’ll remember your name and put your resume at the top of his pile.

2. It Can Help with Your Social Life

Believe us: We know it sounds cheesy and cliché; but it’s completely true. Are you the shy guy at the bar trying to land the pretty girl drinking the martini? If you’re not one of the smooth, ripped gym rats who can get a girl’s number by dropping some corny line like, “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” (don’t do it, just don’t), then approach her and share something interesting about the mating habits of ants or the origin or words or why people sweat. Give the gal sipping the martini something different to remember. She’ll remember you before she remembers the seven men who simply told her she had beautiful eyes.

3. It Can Help with Your Education

Are you prepping for the SATs? Studying for finals? Doing some extra credit for that pesky history course? If you want to get ahead of the game, you have to do something that the other students aren’t doing. Multiple choice question–Should you:

  • (A) Sleep through class?
  • (B) Offer to do your teacher’s laundry?
  • (C) Drop out of school?
  • (D) Play trivia?

If you answered (D) Play trivia, you are correct! Good job. Option (B) has worked in the past, but we wouldn’t recommend it…

Learning has never been more fun. Don’t mistake trivia for a useless hobby. Why strive for average when you can be extraordinary? Want to really venture outside your own comfort zone and give your brain a serious workout? Make your OWN trivia! Once you’ve finished, grab a group of friends and invite them over to your house for trivia night. Who knows? You might just start the latest trend.

Dana Smyth writes for several family blogs and recommends www.triviaquestions.net to check out these quizzes as an example of fun facts.

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