Home Sports Russell Westbrook sneaking a snack becomes perfect post-Halloween meme

Russell Westbrook sneaking a snack becomes perfect post-Halloween meme


When the kids come home from trick-or-treating, many parents quickly jump for their annual routine of going through their kids’ candy before letting them dig in. They could be looking for pieces their kids might be allergic to, things that are already open or need to be thrown out or they’re just looking to steal a couple gems – perhaps tricking their kids into thinking that’s all they’re going to take from their stash.

Well, unless they hide it – like Washington State football coach Mike Leach recommends, among his many hilarious Halloween tips – there’s a good chance those parents will return to that stash at some point to sneakily steal a few more pieces.

And that’s all-too-common practice is how Russell Westbrook became the perfect post-Halloween meme.

The Oklahoma City Thunder point guard was sidelined for the season-opener against the Warriors a couple weeks ago, and during the game, cameras captured him strangely sneaking a snack.

Whatever he was eating that he was not supposed to, that moment is exactly what parents are doing with their kids’ Halloween candy.


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