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How to Look and Feel More Successful


If you’ve ever heard of the law of attraction then you’ll know that making an effort to look great is not just a matter of vanity, but also an important way to improve your general success and your state of mind. You see when we look our best we tend to also feel much better about ourselves and to have more confidence and be more willing to put ourselves out there. We may even walk with our head held a little higher and a little more pride and authority.

This then has multiple different knock on effect in the rest of our lives. Of course in a very immediate and direct way, simply looking better means that you are more likely to be asked by a member of the opposite sex, and interestingly what this also means is that you’re more likely to get better job offers according to statistics.

At the same time though you’re also more likely to get asked out and given better job offers because you’ll be acting more impressive. You look more professional, thus you act more professional, and thus people treat you like more of a success too and will be more interested in giving you jobs, buying your products or going on dates with you. And then, because people treat you as someone more successful, this will make you act even more like you have it together and of course to actually start to thrive.

So with all this in mind, how do you make sure that you give off that vibe of professionalism and style in the first place? Here we will look at how to look and feel more impressive.


First of all you should of course make sure you have a great hair. They say in the corporate world that the more money you spend on your hair cut, the more money people will trust you with. You don’t necessarily have to break the bank though – just get a consultation about a haircut that will match your face shape and go often enough to keep it well maintained.


Being taller is a great way to come across as more imposing and confident and studies have shown that the taller you are the higher your salary is likely to be. You can’t make yourself taller, but women can wear high heels and guys can invest in insoles to give their height a little extra boost.

Teeth Whitening

Nothing says confidence and health like a full set of healthy teeth and a great smile. Make sure to look after your teeth carefully, and if necessary consider investing in teeth whitening or even veneers. To learn more about the quickest and finest approach to whitening teeth, visit this website: https://www.ins78.com/


Getting a fake tan is a great way to make yourself look more attractive, but also more healthy and we associate tans with celebrities and people who spend a lot of time out on the beach. At the same time a tan also improves the look of your complexion and makes your teeth look whiter by comparison.


Spend a day buying the best items of clothes you can afford and creating a look that says ‘success’ and that at the same time suits your bodyshape and colouring. The clothes as they say maketh the man (or the lady)…

Athena Hunt, the writer of this article is a part time blogger. She has a flair for writing blogs that make you think and help you become a better person.

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