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How Efficacious is Electric Towel Rail?


The electric towel rails not only heats up the washroom but they also have a unique place to place and keep your towels. These electric towel rails are available in various shapes and designs. But it should be kept in mind that your house should be of centrally heated nature type in case you wish to install this tool in your house. On the other hand the towel rail of electrical heater can be installed anywhere in the house.

Different types of electric towel rail

  • Towel rails of electric nature: If we look at the Towel rails of electric type we will find that this type of towel rail is fitted into the house electrically of standard type. These are basically ready made and use a chemical solution of electric nature. The working of the electric towel rail is simple, as the unit of heating type is start the remedy of the towel warm up and it heat up the towel rail. This type of electric towel can be started any time.
  • Electric towel of centrally heated nature: As its name suggest this electric towel works via central heating setup. This type of electric towel is suitable for winter season.
  • Towel rail of double heated fuel radiator type: This type of towel rail works on fuel of double nature or type.

Various size and shape of electric towel rail:

Standard electric towel rail: 

The standard electric towel rail is designed in order to look alike radiator of big size Victorian radiator.

These types of towel rail have advanced features like pipe work of stainless nature. These types of towel rail are best suited for older homes but they also fit well into new houses.

Ladder type electric towel rail:

The ladder types of towel rail are most commonly used one and its design and look is the most common one. Due to its ladder shape it is able to support metal rail up to 5 to 30 in number.

The cross rail in this towel rail are wider so it is able to hold the shower towels easily. But due to higher volume of cross rails the temperature or heat output is also on the higher side. The ladder towel rails are available with rail of tube cross nature which gives it conventional or traditional outlook. Then there are modern looking rails with rails of flattened nature. Such towel rails are present in golden, stainless color, white color and in chrome color.

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