Heather Chauvin on Letting Go of Mom Guilt


Letting go of Mom Guilt, Ending Tantrums and Mindful Discipline with Heather Chauvin

Ever been stressed out as a parent? Maybe you’re the mom who has it all together and stays calm all the time, but I’m not and that is precisely why I invited today’s guest, Heather Chauvin from the “Mom Is in Control” Podcast. Many call her the next generation’s thought leader in parenting and women’s leadership, and I agree!

Heather’s mission is to crack women open to their deep potential by finding their version of success without working from a place of stress. As a recovering perfectionist I can definitely use some of this advice, and I’m so thankful Heather is sharing her hard-won wisdom!

Episode Highlights with Heather Chauvin

  • How Heather went from ambitious entrepreneur to burned out, overstressed, and in the ER
  • The wake-up call that came in the form of a frightening medical diagnosis
  • Why so many women struggle with making self-care a priority (guilty as charged!)
  • The cultural epidemic of parenting from stress, and how to turn the tide
  • Surrender for moms: when to let go
  • “Mom tantrums” and why we might have more in common with our children than we think!
  • Strategies for managing toddler meltdowns
  • Ways to fight mom guilt and prioritize ourselves in order to give back to our families
  • And more!

Favorite Quotables From Heather

Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up.

We try to control outward things because we feel out of control internally.

Just saying “I need space” is probably the greatest gift you’ll ever give your children because when you are full, when you are present, you’ll get so much further than just putting out fires on a daily basis.

Resources We Mention

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