Dr. Elizabeth Pearce on a Personal Approach to Birth


279: Making a Personalized Birth Plan With Dr. Elizabeth Pearce


Dr. Elizabeth Pearce is a psychologist, a childbirth educator, a doula like I am, and a mom of three. Today, we are talking about that mysterious, wonderful, and sometimes scarring experience called birth! Dr. Elizabeth is an expert on how personality and other key factors can impact your overall birth experience and outcome. She focuses on educating women on how to have a whole-person approach to birth. To do this, she created the Pregnancy By Design program, her own Birth Profile Assessment, and the Beyond the Birth Plan Childbirth Course. Her aim is to help women remain in control and navigate the twists and turns of labor, regardless of what may unfold.

Having had six births (all very different, challenging, and amazing in their own ways), I can’t wait to hear what Dr. Elizabeth has to say about this most personal of experiences.

Episode Highlights With Dr. Elizabeth Pearce

  • Elizabeth’s take on the approach to maternal care in the U.S. today
  • Why we need to reinvent the popular saying “the most important thing is to have a healthy baby”
  • The ways a birth experience informs mother/child bonding, PPD risks, and more
  • Common reasons why birth plans don’t work
  • The four most important factors of any birth experience
  • What to do if you need to heal from a birth that didn’t go as you hoped
  • How to make a personalized action plan for birth
  • The personality traits to consider when making decisions about birth
  • And more!

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