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you know our next gueststhe art witch in “The avengers.” Now she has a new series “Sorry for your loss.” Please wme Olsen. [ Ch and apple Hello Great to see you. Gat to see U. Co Thank you so much. Come on and sit ohere. How are you? I’m G how E U guys doing? Doing great.thank your joining us. T bread in the igerator? Stop it. I put it in the freezer. Clearly she real article. I D have a big freezer Foat. U know what, it’s been a big year for you, big year. “Aves.” One of my favorite series. Of your 20s. It is. I heard you’re excited to get into the 30s. I never minded aging. I never had an issue with I always meant yore getting smarter an calmer and wiser, moving slower. Don’t know. I’veays lookedp women who were much ol I grith “Thest wives cb” and Diane Keaton. I was likewatchingha Y conneed to Diane Keaton? I D’t know why. I just always fel like I should be I my 40s. When you’re in your 40s and 30s, you move slower. Atst I do. You awish you were in your 20s. You’re cly an old ul. Wrinkly hands. You hava new show “So for ur loss.” It’s on Facebook. Yes it’s on which is aish streamg service. Bout a new widow who has unexpectedlyt her husbd. It deals withn Ano – W don’t have a lot of bells and whistle it’sut the experience we all with L gran do we haveerbout it. E’s a mundeness to being alone that we explore. Thso a lot of sense of humor laugh. Ths hope. If you tk ath, you talk about how amazing it is to be Ali We talk about B the’s LE on the other endf that. Absutely. It’s on Facebook. Yes. Fans can give immediate tons to ts, a lot O interactions with the fans. Yeah. That’s WYOU want wn make anything. You wa people toontinue a conversation. Facebook is the placeree find out about babies being born. We fut auteople lost and where Servi are. It’s already a community of support T way for lots of people. This is a show that is having thconversations in a story D people dectly communicate with one another. We have links to helpful services well whi you’re watching it.rtant for lot of people. Weave a clip we want to check out. Here’s Elizabeth Olson in “Sorry for your loss.” I want start a CLA tfocuses more on loveunity. Ess what I’mt? It’s called middle school party. Your Class inspired by the humiliati time Seo Yes. That’s the point. That’s the funny pa You’vhad a big year.you’re have downti now. What are you looking forward T what are what do you likeo do? Love being in the house. I love coongg care of a home.novated a place whi LI. ING landscing. I’m going to learn how too napping D nelixing? Kes me depss that’s true. Tething I want reallyto love the will crte your ho. Oh, Bse you wanto garden. You’t have a rden wiout a gnome. Used to clect gnomes. I know you don’t know that because I didn’t telne. This is ape. We would like a picture tove yoreng it. I’ll send you one Thank ynd we’ll T it. Now you pushing We’re asking for too much. I don’t ha Twitter. Goofor you. Elizabeth, thank you for co “Sorry for loss” premrs septembeth on faceok.it out and give a watch.

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